Metro: Exodus

If you are not already familiar with the series, Metro is a survival horror FPS franchise based on popular novels written by Dmitry Glukhovsky. First two game(Metro 2033 & Metro: Last Light) were very successful on reflecting the post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The story takes places in Moscow, where people live inside metro tunnels since the world is literally unliveable due to high radiation and the creatures that come within. In the first two games, we followed the main storyline which is linear. But it seems like Metro: Exodus is going to be partly linear, partly open world with much more environments to explore!

When is it coming out?

It has been in development for 3 years and as it is confirmed on E3, Metro: Exodus will arrive on 15.02.2019. It will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

How is the gameplay?

Metro games are first-person survival horror games that take place in dark claustrophobic tunnels of Moscow and ruins of Moscow. And in Exodus probably we will spend more time above ground than we did before. While exploring the post-apocalyptic Moscow, we will have to be ready to fight with terrifying creatures that are evolved within the radioactivity. Pre-war bullets are the currency of the Metro, for the guns we usually use re-produced bullets that are made from used bullet chasings but when things go intense and we don’t have enough ammo we have to use our currency bullets as ammunition which is much more effective but… expensive. Also when going above the ground we have to use a gas mask to protect from poisonous gas. And wearing is not enough by itself since we have to change the filters to make sure we breath fresh air. And guess what? Yeah, filters are not infinite nor free. According to an IGN interview, these dynamics will be kept in Exodus and they will be even more enhanced. Also, there will be more features. Guns are designed especially to fit in the environment and there will be more customization options to them. Plus, we will see all the seasons in Metro: Exodus!

What is the story of Exodus?

I had a chance to meet with dear Dmitry Glukhovsky on an autograph session for Metro 2035. He is super cool and friendly dude. And I heard directly from him that it will be like a sequel to Metro 2035. So, it will follow the good ending(second ending) of the Metro: Last Light and continue the story of Metro 2035. In which, we(as Artyom) going to travel outside of Moscow by train with our wife Anna and bunch of other survivors in search of a new, free life. Because Artyom believes that they can’t be the only one who survived, there might be a better life somewhere and he wants to find it out.

Personal Notes

Metro franchise(Both games and books) is one of my favorites series. I have never ever pre-ordered a game before( I have more than 800 games on Steam). And I think this one is going to be first! I can’t wait for it.

Steam page of the game: Metro: Exodus

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