Infinity Chamber

Infinity Chamber also known as Somnia, is a sci-fi movie that takes place in the future. At the very start, we saw our main character Frank stands in front of a wall where he got shot from behind and wakes up in a small cell. Someone (Howard) starts talking to him through an intercom and watches him with a camera. He keeps asking why he is there, there must be something wrong but the person always responds that he doesn’t know anything and he is only there to keep Frank alive. The movie is about Frank trying to escape that futuristic little prison. The plot of the movie is not very clear and I think it is somehow intentional, just letting people come up with their own theories. I have a lot of tiny theories and I will try to share them with you! If you don’t want any spoiler, I suggest you stop reading right now and go watch the movie. It is worth watching!


First of all, does the prison really exist? Although it is possible, I don’t think so. I mean there is a prison but it is not physical. Let’s assume that the main plot is true. Our guy Frank is part of the rebellion and they captured him. And we see that they are trying to find the location of the virus by digging Frank‘s mind. If all the capture thing is true then I think he is not held in a prison but in a some sort of LSU(Life Support Unit) where he will be kept alive till they find out the location of the virus. Who is Howard? Remember the beginning where Howard first talk, he sounded so much like a normal human but when camera shifted into the prison, the voice turned into a mechanic voice. So I think he might actually be a real human and not an AI but that’s not so important. Who is Gabby? Gabby might be someone who Frank created to defend his mind, but she might as well be Howard! How so? Because the scene where he escaped the cell, we see Gabby sits in the cell alone, I just thought it as he is leaving Howard behind and thus Gabby! Also in one scene when Frank ask question to Howard, we hear both Howard‘s and Gabby‘s voice. So what is her purpose? Probably trying to figure out Frank‘s real identity and find where he hid the virus. But to do so she is trying to make him trust her and love her. Who is Fletcher May? Maybe he is actually the Frank himself, head of the rebellion. Remember in his daydream Fletcher tells him about technique to protect his mind. Maybe he is Fletcher May but he is actually making that memory up to fool the system. So why did he reveal the location of the USB? Well, probably he realised he is in “infinity chamber” where he will live that moment again and again till he gave up and so he gives up. Like our beloved Winston from 1984. So after that, did he escaped or survived? He is probably stuck in a daydream or maybe unplugged afterwards. Because I am sure that the last cafe scene is not real but a daydream. Notice the dog is still alive, but he clearly stated that dog will die if no one takes care of it. Notice Gabby doesn’t know her, because she is actually AI and after finding the location of the USB, her mission is complete and she is replaced. When he was taking the USB from the behind of the picture, we can see the ceiling fan above him just reminding me that daydream machine from cell. Also last but not least we see a security camera, but not looking towards Frank. Maybe it is just a security camera or maybe he is Howard but not looking at him anymore because they already got what they wanted. Also that might be we saw him unplugging the Howard, because his mission is complete?

A second option might be that he is actually that old man in the movie and he is connected to life support unit because he is dying. That ceiling fan is just the real fan and Howard is just that life support unit. Fletcher May is another patient living in next room so on and on. But I don’t like the second theory and first one sounds better.

I know that there is contradiction in the theories but I didn’t interpret the story as a whole but divided them into a section and commented on each part. There are many more things I want to say but then this review will get out of control. Anyway, thanks for reading till here and if you have any theory of this movie, I definitely like to hear them!

Score: 7 / 10

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