7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. That first sentence was from it’s definiton on Steam Store7 Days to Die is basicly Minecraft with much better graphics and also with extra features but the main focus is same, CRAFTING. Playing 7 Days to Die on online dedicated server is so much fun. So what can you do in the game?

You can mine reserves, dismantle materials and loot cities. And while doing it you have to be aware of zombies. Zombies are not much of a problem during daylight because they are very slow. But at night, they can run and it is harder to stay outside for newbies. And as a bonus, every 7 days the whether turns redish color because it is Blood Moon night. And when it happens, zombie hordes attack your base. Thats where the name of the game comes from, every 7 days!

So, about building.. What kind of buildings you can build is entirely up to your imagination. At the beginning of the game you would probably use wood as a building source but as the time passes you progress yourself and you can make concrete and even steel buildings!

So there is actually no limitation of how you build a base, you can also build an underground shelter. Right now I am playing on a PvE(Player versus Environment) server. I have started with underground base, because it is easy and you don’t need any building materials, you just dig the ground till you hit the bedrock, which is the deepest point you can go on the map which is -60 blocks deep. Of course that is not necessarily mean you are safe there because if zombies somehow break the entrance, they can invade your base. Later I started building a castle on top of my underground base and right now I have fully concrete, self defensive castle with auto turrets and spikes. You have land claim block which let you claim a certain size of area and other players can not break your stuff that are inside of claimed area.

By the time I am writing this review I have 150 hours gameplay on 7 Days to Die, and I have no intention to stop any sooner since I have started building another base which is going to be a pyramide! I have a design idea on my mind I think it will be really cool! I might update this review with the picture of it after I finish.

The game is still on alpha although it came out 5 years ago. Which doesn’t sound good but the developers are still developing the game and adding new features to it, so they didn’t abandon the game. Although it has some bugs and not so good graphics, it is so much fun, especially when you are playing with friends. If you like survival/crafting/looting games. I highly recommend this game. Although they are not very same and I can’t  compare them, I have enjoyed it more than DayZ.

My personal rating: 7/10

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