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Alt-J (∆) – Taro

Taro is my favorite from Alt-J. The name of the song comes from the first female war photographer Gerda Taro. She was the companion and professional partner of photographer Robert Capa. The song tells the...


Dynamic Task Scheduling with Spring

Spring makes it very easy to schedule a job to run periodically. All we need to do is to put @Scheduled annotation above the method and provide the necessary parameters such as fixedRate or...


Publishing To Maven Central Repository

Step-by-step tutorial for publishing artifacts to Maven Central Repository. Recently I went through the process of deploying my opensource project EasyDiameter to Maven Central repository. At first, the process seemed confusing and there were lots of steps to go through. I decided to create this tutorial for myself to use later if I ever go through the same process.


Affine Structure From Motion

Implementation of the affine structure from motion procedure described in “Shape and Motion from Image Streams under Orthography: a Factorization Method” 1992 by Tomasi and Kanade. The goal of this project is to reconstruct...


Background Subtraction in Matlab

The identification of changing or moving areas in the field of view of a camera is a fundamental pre-processing step in computer vision and video processing. Example applications include visual surveillance (e.g., people counting,...


Generalized Hough Transform in Matlab

The generalized Hough transform (GHT), introduced by Dana H. Ballard in 1981, is the modification of the Hough transform using the principle of template matching. The Hough transform was initially developed to detect analytically...